Since its inception in 2001, FCP Shipping Lines has become the US’s leading supply chain services company. Our vision is to become the operating system for commerce in the USA, through a combination of world-class infrastructure, logistics operations of the highest quality and cutting-edge engineering and technology capabilities.

FCP Shipping Lines provides products and services with the aim of building trust and improving the lives of consumers, small businesses, enterprises and our growing team of employees and partners. We are disrupting the USA and the world logistics industry through our proprietary network design, infrastructure, partnerships, and engineering and technology capabilities. FCP Shipping Lines brings unparalleled cost efficiency and pan-US reach to the businesses of over 10000 customers. We are driven by a mission to shrink time and distance, making the world a smaller place for our customers and over a billion consumers they serve.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the premier customs and compliance services company, creating dynamic, integrated solutions for customers in the USA who do business globally.

We have always been revolutionizing, shaping, and simplifying the world of logistics. From inventing the international air express industry to becoming the world’s leading logistics company; we’re thinkers, makers and pioneers that constantly challenge what’s possible. And now we’re tackling the ultimate border: delivering to the moon.

To be a leading logistics company that provides rapid, reliable, high-quality and profit-making logistics services for its customers in one of the world’s biggest cities using its own facilities and equipment.

To be a leading logistics company that makes a contribution to its country and to society and that offers a wide variety of shipping services that exceed the expectations of companies involved in commerce.