What item value should i declare?

While declaring consignment’s value, specify the cost of an analogous item. Never indicate zero value of the contents. You must be able to prove consignment’s value with documents of purchase if your parcel went missing or damaged in transit.
Please note that the value of personal assets is more difficult to prove, thus they are assigned to the group of No compensation items. They may be sent, but at sender’s risk and in case of loss or damage, a claim cannot be filed.

What is the liability for incorrect filled customs invoice?

Customs invoice must contain an informative description of parcel’s contents and a reason of export. In case Customs establish that other than declared items are being sent or wrong reason of export has been specified (for example, “Gift” when in fact sold items are being sent), additional charges may be imposed, parcel may also be returned to sender or disposed by Customs.

How can i pay for the services?

We currently accept these payment methods: Paypal, Bitcoin, Moneygram, Bank Transfer, and electronic banking.

I made a mistakeonline. How can i change it?

Please contact our staff by info@fcpshippinglines.com indicating required changes and we will let you know whether we can amend it or you will need to re book the service. Please do this as soon as you notice you made a mistake. 

What information must i provide on a parcel?

When ordering a service from fcpshippinglines.com you will be asked to fill in your receiver’s addresses, contact numbers, as well as other required information and print supplied Shipping labels. Please attach these labels to your parcel before courier arrives. 

When do you start processing order?

Orders are processed only after payment has been received. Please note that created unpaid orders are also stored in section My Basket. 

How can i cancel order?

To cancel an order, please contact our staff by email info@fcpshippinglines.com. or send a request directly from our site. In case of order cancellation, payment for delivery service will be returned to customer’s Pre-pay account or to bank account from which it was made. $5 administration fee applies.

Is my shipment secure?

All FCP Shipping services (except DHL Global Mail) include standard insurance up to $86. If your shipment’s value is higher than that of a standard insurance, we recommend ordering additional insurance up to full value of your items. Standard and additional shipment insurance does not apply to DHL Global Mail services, therefore in case of damage / loss of the shipment, compensation is possible up to $24 according to the postal regulations.

Remember, insurance (both standard and additional) is not valid when you send Prohibited and/or No compensation items.

Can you deliver shipments from abroad?

Yes, you may order import services on fcpshippinglines.com as well. Please arrange collection date with your sender abroad and find out the exact weight and dimensions of the parcel before you order import service.

Do you carry pallets?

Yes, we can carry pallets. Make sure you indicate pallet to get offers for pallet delivery. 

How long does it take to deliver my shipments to receiver?

Parcel delivery from USA to European countries and major world cities may take on average between 1-3 business days.

If you’d like to find out an accurate delivery term for your shipment, please contact us on email.

Parcel delivery term is not guaranteed and may change for several reasons:

  • Selected delivery service (express, economy);
  • Remote location – the sender’s/recipient’s city or post code is in a remote area;
  • Customs formalities – the term of customs formalities procedures cannot be determined in advance; therefore, it is not included in the estimated delivery term shown in our Parcel delivery calculator;
  • Parcel packaging – improperly packaged parcels may get damaged during the trip, liquid or other substances may spill on the contents, therefore they may be stopped at terminals and repacked;
  • Pallet shipments – special transport is required for picking up and delivering a pallet;
  • Unreachable sender / recipient – courier cannot find sender/receiver at the specified address;
  • Unforeseen circumstances – force-majeure circumstances (bad weather conditions, strikes, pandemics, etc.) occurred during the collection or delivery of the consignment, the delivery time of the consignment may be longer than indicated in our Parcel delivery calculator.

Where can a courier collect a parcel from?

Courier can collect parcel from your place or business address during business hours. If client is a large company, courier will collect the parcel at the reception.
Time period chosen for parcel collection (if available) must be at least two hours long.
Will the courier call me before arrival?
The option of calling before delivery is not available, thus please track your shipment and wait for the courier on the day anticipated. Shipments are usually delivered on business days, in the afternoon.